Emerging Technology is Not the Only Auditing Challenge Facing IT Auditors

While this website focuses on emerging technologies and their impact on the IT auditor, it also focuses on the future of IT audit and new issues that IT auditors face.

On the non-technology side, one new challenge facing IT Auditors is GDPR—the Global Data Protection Regulation. This sweeping European Union (EU) Regulation became effective on 25 May 2018, and many enterprises are still struggling to become compliant. All enterprises that conduct business and hold personal data on persons located in the EU fall under the mandates of this EU regulation, no matter where the enterprise is.

The role of the IT auditor is one of the keys to GDPR compliance. To assist the IT auditor tackle this challenge, ISACA has published several products to help IT auditors assure GDPR compliance within an organization. These assets include a white paper on how to audit GDPR, as well as two audit programs: a comprehensive program for large enterprises and a narrower version that focuses on just the technical aspects of GDPR.

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