Future of IT Audit Research Results

In August 2018, ISACA conducted research with IT auditors to gain insight as to what the future held for their profession as well as what the future held for them as a professional. The results may surprise you.

The survey results show that auditors are increasingly becoming an integral part of or strong partners to an organization’s technology team, with 82 percent of respondents indicating they are moderately or significantly involved in technology projects within their organizations. Auditors expect their level of involvement to improve in the next three to five years. The survey results also show an increased demand for technical skills and the impact new technologies may have on the IT audit profession. Despite the advancement of automation and artificial intelligence (AI), most predict an increase in the number of IT audit professionals needed to meet the challenges of these new technologies. There is, however, widespread belief that the role of the auditor will change in the future, affording the audit professional an opportunity to bring increased value to the enterprise.

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