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Stay Informed About Emerging Technologies With ISACA's New Video Series

As enterprises seek increased efficiency and competitive advantages at the intersection of automation and artificial intelligence (AI), it is critical for IT auditors to understand the risks and capabilities of the associated technologies to protect their organizations and enhance their team’s capabilities. Machine learning (ML) and robotic process automation (RPA) are two such technologies, each with the potential to have a profound impact on the future of work in a broad range of industries.

ISACA developed the new Audit Outlook video series to help auditors understand the impact of emerging technologies on the audit profession. The first installment of this series, Audit Outlook: Intelligent Automation, contains 2 half-hour videos on AI/ML and RPA in addition to 2 infographics highlighting practical tips for implementing these technologies.  

This package introduces AI/ML and RPA, presents a specific audit focus around the technologies, and discusses risk/security considerations, giving a comprehensive overview of how AI/ML and RPA stand to impact you and your enterprise.

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